ventunesimo – artist residency 2019

From 9th to 29th September 2019, the international artists selected through an open call were hosted in the spaces of Cascina San Clemente in Occhieppo Inferiore to develop their own artistic research.

During the three weeks, they participated in a series of meetings, concerts, talks and exhibitions open to the public with artists, academics and experts, hosted in local meeting spaces. The collaborations include: Pistoletto-Cittadellarte Foundation, Note Lunatiche, Occhieppo Inferiore Book Exhibition.

At the end of the residency and during a dedicated evening, the work spaces were set up to be visited. Inside, the artists themselves presented the work undertaken during the residency period, exposing the creative process: the motivations, the difficulties, the materials collected, the materials produced, the knowledge acquired. The public was therefore able to benefit from a first detailed view of the work in progress of the five artists and to get closer to their work.

At a short distance from the end of the residency, a fanzine was published illustrating the edition just ended: the characterizing theme and the creative process shared by the participating artists. The publication constitutes a document of artistic practice, a visual archive of the material and ideas underlying the works and a conceptual guide for the final exhibition.


from 09/09/2019 to 29/09/2019



Occhieppo Inferiore (BI)


Selected artists

Henry Bradley
Francesco Cardarelli
Shih-Yen Chan
Ricardo GuimarĂ£es
Anika Roach

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