through the window

During the months of the pandemic, the window that divides our space from the front street has been a privileged point of contact with the reality that surrounds us. This has stimulated reflections on the presence of an interface between us and the outside that allows us to be seen and to see, on the symbolism that derives from it, on its meaning from an artistic, commercial, relational point of view.

Through the window are a series of artistic interventions, imagined starting from the showcase present in our space. With one week available, each artist made a significant contribution to the re-activation of improvisational dynamics related to artistic intervention. The showcase allowed a free and safe fruition for passers-by.


from 25/02/2021 to 16/05/2021



Via Feletto 38, Torino



Edoardo Fumagalli
Ambra Scali
Carlo Cagnasso
Chiara Cadei / Ilaria Mercurio
Giorgia Cerruti / Davide Giglio / Raffaella Tomellini
Francesca Fiordelmondo
Lucio Celaia
Raffaele Cirianni
Daniela D’Amore
Annalisa Pascai Saiu
Federico Poni / Alessandro Gambato
Carlotta Sofia Grassi