Investigations between imaginary and matter

The exhibition is the result of the work of five artists participating in the ventunesimo artist residency program 2019.

Following the residency period, and during 2020, Henry Bradley (England), Shy-Yen Chan (Taiwan), Francesco Cardarelli (Italy), Ricardo GuimarĂ£es (Portugal) and Anika Roach (England) developed their works, supported by the curatorial team.

“The results are therefore the elaboration of an experience: a reflection on traditions, on the way in which a story, a place or a daydream can be told.”


from 11/09/2020 to 04/10/2020



BI-BOx Art Space, del Piazzo 25 (Biella)


Curated by

Carlotta Clerici
Giulia Perrucci



Henry Bradley
Francesco Cardarelli
Shih-Yen Chan
Ricardo Gumaraes
Anika Roach

curatorial text